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    B15 2WB
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    5 ft. 5 in.
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    Associates Degree
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There are so many things that I want to share with you. So where do I start? First of all I want to say that I came here to find that one and only that I will spend the rest of my life with. I`m kind, loving, caring, understanding, loyal and always honest with people. Do you think being honest is the key to the successful relationships? I am a mature woman who knows the value of real love, I know how to be a good wife and to keep my man happy. My dream man is a person with a strong character, he is a man whom I will obey without the slightest doubt. have a special jewelry. This is my smile! I try to start every day with a smile. Then the world also gives me its smile in return. I am a feminine and warmhearted woman

What I am looking for

My ideal man surely has inner strength, he is a very independent person also he has his own point of view. I am dreaming to meet an intelligent and broad-minded man who will make me sure I am the only one in his life. Tenderness, attention and humor are also important for me. I think that a person I can feel and who can feel me will be perfect to me. The one who will accept me as I am, who will love me for who I am...whom I will never try to change...with whom I will feel myself safe and like the best woman for him. I am ready to accept my future husband with all his traits and drawbacks if our souls match.I dream to find my man who will make me feel like a real woman! For me it would be great happiness to create a strong family, full of love, support and passion, with such a man. I think that when two people love each other, they enjoy every minute together! Honesty and kindness are also important for me. I do not need a perfect man, but someone I can love and respect